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Message Subject Some Practical Magick to Share on the Equinox
Poster Handle Least Servant
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Thanks LS for your enlightening description. Could you elaborate a bit about knowing when the most favorable house position, day of the week, phase of the moon for your particular sign is. I'm a Leo 8.4.58.
Peace and Love Brother
 Quoting: ShamansDream

I should qualify this advice by saying that my knowledge of proper astrology is limited to correspondences with the Tarot and other Kabbalistic devices.

This small ritual combines some elements of intentional mediation with chaos magick (the burning of the candles with a Willed purpose), so the best thing to do is to go with your intuition.

The work of being internally aware of what calls to you and what does not call to you in the setup of any ritual is an important part of a holistic practice, so I think it is best when first starting out to learn a little bit about the different energies of the planets and constellations and how those correspond to different types of goals and practical applications in your life by listening to what your inner voice tells you, rather than focus on doctrinaire interpretations of how various bodies interact with each other.

It's often been said there is no room for dogma in magick, and I think this applies most appropriately to the initial steps taken to figure out the nature of your own internal ability, with the rather LARGE qualification that the neurotic individual will only find more to feed his or her neurosis, which is why information should be presented in such a way to dissuade the pursuit of the path by those who desire power over others, this being the primary signed of a qualified neurotic.
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