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Message Subject Some Practical Magick to Share on the Equinox
Poster Handle Least Servant
Post Content
Thank you Least Servant hf

Have you ever done a reversing candle? If so, what "color" of magick would you consider it? i.e., white, grey, black...

My understanding of the Reversing Candle is to rid yourself of negative energy that as accumulated to allow positive energy in. It sends the (-)energy back to the originator. These are usually done on a waning moon. Curious.
 Quoting: Spazz 1001302

Well, it's on points such as these that Dr. House's opinion has some weight.

Classifying these sorts of things is largely academic, and not entirely of practical value.

Banishing, clearing, and uncrossing magick is traditionally done by pagan practitioners on waning moons, the idea being that the waning moon is good for removing unwanted energy.

Personally, I think using salt baths for clearing, a simple ritual such as the LBRP for banishing, and candles for uncrossing is a better approach than reversing magick, since most psychic attacks and negative energy come from within unresolved aspects the individual psyche, so this does little to address the root problem in most cases.
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