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uars conspiracy theory

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United States
09/24/2011 03:06 PM
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uars conspiracy theory
I think UARS was the object that fell on september 14th..

i think more satellites are falling and are due to fall.. the sun activity is kicking the shit out of them. imo the biggest heaviest ones will start to fall first..

there will be more..

i dont think
UARS fell this morning or last night or anything. i think it has been down.. whatever they are claming to be the UARS wasnt it.. what i think is it was a false flag op.. they wanted us to be looking toward the skies.. may have something to do with the denver stuff i dont know.

but a gut feeling is that they are going to finally show us what project bluebeam can do but they are having technical difficulties.. this could probably explain the recent announcement that another failing satellite is going to fall soon and they said this one is bigger and may have a higher risk for ground damage (round 2)..

im just sayin tho.

also i had made a post the other night.. i was outside and i saw 2 satellites looked like one was tailing the other in the exact same orbit.. but i think it was the wrong direction for the UARS.. these two were coming from the NNW headed SSE and one of them lit up the other one didnt..

and the X-37B is still up there.. what is it up there doing? and we still dont even know WTF the X-37B's purpose or role is.. all i know is its a satellite with wings.. so that means it can fly around space..

possible scenario.. they downed UARS on the 14th. and had X-37B stand-in for UARS and last night/this morning they were gonna use the weapon on the X-37B to do something sinister but it failed.. so maybe they will try again soon.. i think the UARS is gone and has been gone.. also my X-37B theory kinda makes since because people were saying the altitude was dropping and rising while the UARS was being tracked and thats something i dont think a failing satellite can do.. but im sure the X-37B can..

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