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Message Subject *~*Why Is The US Divorce Rate So High*~*
Poster Handle Blue Skies
Post Content
After reading a couple of other threads about the thoughts of one sex versing another, I have to wonder do we know why our marriages fail miserably so often in this country?

Is it because of money?

Are our expectations of one another are too high?

Do we not respect another persons right to be an individual in a marriage?

Have people become too selfish to sacrifice anything or too stubborn to compromise?

Too selfish to commit and work at it?

Or have people just flat out lost the ability to care ENOUGH for others?

This is not intended to be a bashing thread, just curious what other people's opinions are.
 Quoting: DoodleBug

Money is the number one reason couples fight...second is the woman feels like she needs a change and that her problems are his fault...
 Quoting: BRIEF

Sure.....In your world, that may be the case.lol
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