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Message Subject 88 year old powerful Tarot reader says WW3 is starting this week
Poster Handle The Gotham Tarot Reader
Post Content
For the record I am a guy, not a woman.

I know when people think Tarot Reader they usually go to a woman in their heads. But, no I am a man, 41 years old.

I wish I had more to give you. I don't and I won't make stuff up for the sake of it.

My suggestion is to believe in that which you doubt and maybe you will get the answers you are seeking.

To me it is pretty obvious that something in regards to conflict will happen sooner rather than later, but for it to happen next week or very, very, very soon is the clincher here.

She said next week not next month or year. That to me is what makes it powerful from a divination aspect.

Once again, let us hope she is wrong.
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