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Message Subject 88 year old powerful Tarot reader says WW3 is starting this week
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Read into it what you will. Especially the "anonymous cowards" who troll this site with impunity.

Trust me when I tell you, you all, even the "anonymous cowards" better hope she is wrong on this one, for she is always on.

She lives a humble life and sells her wares cheaper than anyone else in her store.

It's really a sad statement about yourself and lack of self worth when you attack an unknown stranger on how they make legit money.

You know what happens when you fuck with ( even though an intermidiary) a true psychic?

Maybe you will find out.

Nasty responses is why I was VERY hesitent to post this thread.

Such wasted energy, such wasted intentions.

Please take her warning seriously. Maybe even prepare in some ways.

This post is dedicated to the enlightened on GLP not the trolls in their mom's basements.
 Quoting: The Gotham Tarot Reader

My psychic too is the real deal.
What she says will happen, does.
She is doing a reading for me tomorrow.
I'll post if she says anything about this although she
does not like to give bad news.
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