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Sept 27 mind control weapon of mass distraction

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1927715
United States
09/25/2011 05:11 PM
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Sept 27 mind control weapon of mass distraction
First this date will be nothing like all the others before like Y2K, or some other date like the Harold Camping incident and the people will again be mind controlled.

Fear is a great way to control all of us but yes sometimes people do get doom dates right but its usually not a very accurate thing to put your faith in but when someone does get it right people act as if they are the first most expert.

Ask yourself did you do anything special cause someone gave this date like store up food, water? You have been mind controlled to purchase out of fear.

Even if the date held significant would you feel vindicated that you were right when people would be lying dead and your down in the basement stuffing Twinkies.

You must live your life and break free of the fear but also your right to have a preparedness plan in case the shtf but don't go overboard with a prediction cause when nothing happens that's when people around you start thinking your a dummy and then when you need them to listen they think your just being a bonehead again.

The evidence has been slim from the start but if something does occur it was meant to happen. I think if you want real doom look at the fake economy and maybe by 2016 it will be the real collapse of the USA but hey its been coming a long time and no prediction necessary.