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Weird ass dream last night. (Obama/E.T.)

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United States
09/25/2011 11:50 PM

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Weird ass dream last night. (Obama/E.T.)
I was in front of the T.V. It was september 27th. Obama comes on the screen to deliver a message. I dont remember exactly what he said. I know he was being sarcastic and jokingly making fun of people who thought that aliens were coming or that elenin was a threat. He then slowly goes down to the ground and is laying on his side. He keeps talking. Then he starts convulsing. It seemed like part of the joke still. Then as hes convulsing this weird rash grows on his face with darkened veins spreading from it. Hes no longer talking and it becomes obvious that something bad is happening. Its then Obamas weird face center screen. It quickly starts to morph into a alien type face. That is the transition to the next screen. I dont remember exactly what was on screen, I think it was a guy with a weird dark backdrop. He begins talking. The voice is the voice of the message from vrillon guy when the news got interrupted with that weird message in the 70s. He identifies himself as Enki. He starts talking about how we have been slaves to killers for far to long. He says that the ships are coming to free us and take us to the stars. He says they will arrive in november. Keep in mind that im fully in this dream and feeling all of the emotions. Im beside myself, im tripping out. He then says he is going to close his message with this. The lights turn on and its a regular man sitting behind a desk in a studio. He says..."live from new york, its saturday night!". HAHA OMG. No shit. It was the worst feeling I have felt in a long time. Its like I was lifted up to the highest mountain and then just slammed back down with force. I woke up so mad.