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Who spying on you

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United States
09/26/2011 01:13 AM
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Who spying on you
[link to www.techdirt.com]

Great news for us !
This is continued from a thread earlier today by LoVeLiGHT420
, a thread in which no matter how I try to reply it will not let me post.

Back in March, an appeals court said that the ACLU and others could challenge the controversial FISA Amendments Act, the highly controversial change to the law that Senator Wyden has been clearly suggesting is being interpreted ridiculously broadly, such that the US government is collecting private data on potentially millions of Americans without oversight or review. The concern was whether or not the ACLU had "standing" to bring the case. That's because no one knows if their private data has been scooped up and used under FISA, because the government isn't revealing it. But if you can't prove you've been harmed by the law, can you sue? The government claimed that since the ACLU had no proof it could not sue. The court disagreed.

my reply will follow in a minute.

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