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Fractal Meditations

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09/26/2011 09:49 AM
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Fractal Meditations
I wrote this up a few years ago after a telepathic converstion with and entity. I have since some to learn all of the information I received was accurate, having since read material which aligns with what was disclosed to me. I don't know who the entity or spirit was, I did not know at the time that I should ask for its name. I suspect it may have been my bornless self, others say it was a wandering spirit. Anyway I would like or share this, hope that others may find something useful in it.

Always know, that there is always another. The reflection of the puffy clouds in the sky, the purple velvet folds, merged into a blurry swirl that sparkled about the goldsheen obsidian sphere in a perfect fractal snowflake of galaxies.


This is not real I thought, I have only seen this type of thing on my comuter. I made sure I turned off ALL computers, electronics, every device beforehand, to make sure the sound was not electronic. Somtimes I can sense the moving of the hard drive heads, the sounds of the monitor, the tiny electonic emissions when someone types a key. There was none of that now.

Then the telepathic link with the other was established. The sound got louder, and the other vibrated these thoughts:

"It is quite real, is it not? Yes, we use computers, more like the one you are using now, than the primitive ones that run on electiricty. Why do you think you remember the black pearl, the purple cloth, the incense? Do you think those fractal spiral galaxies manifested out of thin air on their own? Do you think earthlings are the only life in the universe? Everything exists because someone vibrated a thought. You exist because I thought about you, and because I love you. Now you are a fractal of me, and in your life on earth you in turn create new iterations of fractal thoughts. My joy is to see your joy, your creations."

Then the sound from the pineal got louder. And I realized, this is some kind of compressed signal of pure thought, of a million civilizations and life forms, all across the galaxy, like a carrier wave. They are screaming at us, pleading almost, to understand, but I get the impression not many can hear.

"Everthing around you is a fractal, because you are a fractal, and so am I. It is a fundamental cosmic law. When we manifest worlds it is the holy formula we use. When we manifest you, it is the holy formula. When you manifest the world around you, it is the formula you use. However you make the universe human, and do not see the fractal relationships in all things. This I will now show."

Then I looked at the boards on the floor. Each one had different growth rings that took many years to grow, the pattern shaped by cosmic winds of thought from the powers of the oak as the years of manifestation passed. Someone loved that tree, and thought about exactly how they wanted it to be, and used fractal thoughts to build it.

"Now you are observing and helping to manifest it, a fractal manifesting another built by another."

All the boards emenated a different fractal pattern, and I tapped into the spirit of the elemntals, and saw how they exist aeon upon aeon, tending to these trees, creating the beauty and form, because it was their joy to exist, to think, and create, as another has done for them.

"The vibrations and currents that blow throughout the universe, the cosmic wind that blows through you even now, are not random waves of electromagnetic energy and emissions...they are thought structures. Your star is not a lifeless orb of fusion gasses, it is a living machine, that is controlled by another. But this is complex and we will discuss it another time."

I became very anxious, as everything I percevied was fractal in nature, either because of the process that created it, or because as fractal myself, is how it was perceived. I had to look at something else with less noise, so I looked to the sky.

There I saw other patterns. The other coaxed me.

"What do you see?"

"I see a triangle with waves coming off it on all 3 sides."

As I observed the trianlge in the sky, my thoughts began to tingle all around the inside of my head. If I focused a thought, and concentrated it in the center of my forehead, the waves of the triangle got heavier and quicker. I vibrated the thoughts, and the triangle vibrated with it.

Then it morphed into a pentagon.

"These are funamental power structures of the universe" he said, " both in your physical reality and in thought, because as you know about fractals, the self repeating figure is propagated over and over, especially in consiousness."

I vibrated some more, and my entire head vibrated with the thoughts. This time a different force and set of waves emenated from the pentagon in th e sky. Then it became a hexagon.

"All of these structures a fractally generated from the point, the line, and the triangle. And they recursivley iterate and underly all of creation. By holding these in yor mind and vibrating, you can affect creation in marvellous ways."

But what of the point, from where is it's source? The figures disappeared and instead a vortex appeared in the sky.

"This is the source of matter, of the initial point of creation on your plane, whose source is a subtler plane, that of the aetheric worlds. The whirling vortex is the gateway, and like a mighty pressure or wind, matter is blown through the vortex into creation. This is the point. The line, the triangle, the other geometries of creation and thought start here, on this plane. Of course by now you know thoughts you manifest on other planes recursively propagate into this plane as self similiar patterns of the father thought, if you want them to. This self replicating pattern is the source of all creation from chaos."

"Even now you know, that your observership starts with a point (you) and requires another, so there is duality, but each is a reflection of the other, for inside you is all external creation, and from that duality again is reality fractally manifested."

Thats when I realized, that I am a machine, my body is a space suit, and my consiousness is a copy of another. A hawk flew by and made his sound. Somehow it sounded 'digitized'...but there were no computers around.

"He is learning!" said another, almost with cildlike glee.

It was then I had to end the session, I could take no more. I said goodbye to the other for now, and asked that the links be available more often in a more natural state, or whenever I should invoke it, to tune in to the other, or the thought forms in the universe from our brothers and sisters.
Another day in eternity, basking in the reflected vortex of the chaotic light and the homogeneous metallic quantum foam.