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Message Subject Remote viewing test? Anyone interested in giving it a shot?
Poster Handle tvtech3
Post Content

Kewl And ALL here please take off yur tinfoil hats and get ready to receive and be sure to go by glp,s clock/time for the 5 mins the op will be mentally projecting the object from 745 to 750 and again thanks op
 Quoting: tvtech3

No problem, I probably want you guys to get it correct as badly as you do! I won't cheat to accomplish that though. I will be focusing in your time frame.
 Quoting: tin foil hat off

glp time check
 Quoting: tvtech3

Ok 742-so 3 min togo
 Quoting: tvtech3

Ok great o.p
2 mins to go and just post "projecting here when u start
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