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Message Subject Political/economic systems brainstorm thread: Are we in need of a *new* system or should we stick with the old ones?
Poster Handle Koelbren
Post Content
As a thinking member of society I would have to say that what we have is not perfect and I'm glad someone has put what an internet forum should be put to use for and that is brainstorming, especially if it helps the rest of humanity in the long run

next off I voted for an alternative, but I don't really know what that is, I thought at one time the venus project would be a good idea but I'm not so sure anymore.

Anarchism might be good if a microchasm of such a system were to be tried and be exemplified just like true communism has never been tried.

I propose we set up test communities for such things somewhere and see which works best after a year or two of study we can defiantly determine which systems work and which ones don't only through example is anyone going to change their minds to work for something better, and it's up for us to show them how it's done!
 Quoting: Dawn of Man

So just for the sake of discussion, what if you did a test like you mention and found out that societies that are ethnically and culturally homogenous work better than those which are the contrary? If that turned to be the result and someone would attempt to advocate for that kind of thing they would be slandered upside down.

I still think the direction is related to people being able to relocate on areas which are ideologically(and maybe ethnically) compatible. But I agree , some sort of test situation should be positive. Of course in our oligarchically dominated societies that won't happen because our masters want global government and they have the money and influence to impose it on all of us, whether we want it or not (that's where we currently are at)
 Quoting: Koelbren

Well in answer to your first question: you can't argue with results, statistics and facts...

or actually I guess you can if you throw religion in there then it would be the anti-christ or something like that but still maybe the rational people would see and then move into which ever one works the best while leaving the people set in their ways to continue their way of life.

ALL I'M REALLY SAYING IS.. We, as Humans, should have freedom of choice to do with ourselves as we please that means if they want to do this let them & if they want to do that let them as long as it's not hurting me or anyone else and benefiting them and their perspective on life then that's all it should take. I can tell you one thing people would be much happier if they had the freedom to make their own micro-system if that's what they wanted to do. We shouldn't be forced brought up and raised to think one particular way that narrows the mind and wastes creative potential.

Secondly, amen to that brother, it's so sad we live this way! It's quite obvious the way we are headed is neither sustainable nor helpful to planet or it's inhabitants. I think we all can see the ahem "writing on the wall" but we don't know the alternative. that's why threads like this are a godsend for someone like you and me.

I hope this causes even further discussion
 Quoting: Dawn of Man

Making our own microsytems sounds fantastic, in fact I think that "label" itself has potential. I think many people actually want more of that, but the truth is that the most compatible system currently to that sort of thing is the libertarian system Ron Paul endorses, where people are left alone to do their own thing under a minimalistic set of laws enough so that people won't abuse each other. I'd like America to vote Ron Paul so we could see how would that work in a modern setting (without the 18th century mentality I mean).
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