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Help through these times.

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09/28/2011 10:45 AM
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Help through these times.
Conciousness as seen from this, my current point of view:

This is helping ME:

Remembering: HIS Name, Eheie Asher Eheie, I will become that which I will become (loose translation and probably a bad transliteration). Other translations say "I Am That I Am", but this hardly does the whole concept justice.

Existence/Consciousness itself is a living being, that which is. That is the true Elohim! Ancient of Days! HalleluYah!

So, have Faith, Yah is (quite literally) with the ME that is from your point of view. With us/ME all. Yah is One. HE IS the flesh in which you reside, HE IS everything about you. HE IS shard of Conciousness itself that makes ME, Me. HE IS so far above our comprehension we can not even comprehend how far above our comprehension HE is. HE is Echad (One).

(This is one of the reasons I AM to follow The Way, btw)