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the elohim = pleiades/orion/masters of deception/parasites/authors of the book

xen (OP)

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03/05/2012 06:28 PM
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Re: the elohim = pleiades/orion/masters of deception/parasites/authors of the book
Hello Xen, could you elaborate more on this, because you have my curiosity and attention. Do you have a website or some info I can look into?
 Quoting: Being Mindful

hi Being Mindful

i have no website, this is all gained from direct experiences dealing with these parasites. all my additional knowledge is passed down from spirit as earned with merit. i dont read books, just scan concepts when looking for context and association. if you have any specific questions i'd be happy to ask spirit and pass it back to you

words like "the Ancients" mean absolutely nothing without a reference or context (like the poster above wrote about). it's like saying "thing". define what you speak of otherwise it is nothing

fact is:

there is a hierarchy of frequency resonance that has no limit

there are countless spectrums of energy that we have available to incorporate into our human and spirit energy systems. this varies depending on what form one is in and if in physical form which energy spectrums are available to that star system/systems

the higher a spirit evolves the higher it resonates. no two spirits are exactly alike as each and every one resonates at a unique frequency and is of a unique density

people attach labels and names to these things and don;t really see the big picture

people talk of 3d, 4d, 5d, 6d, 7d, 8d, 9d, 10d etc but this is far too general to have much merit

you could classify groups of beings in terms of having a similar frequency but to limit these groups to 5-10 classifications is absurd. really you would need a million groups to have a perspective with merit cos it really does go up to infinity. there are beings who are billions and trillions of years old if one was to utilise the concept of time as we do (energy + motion regardless of time perspective/form)

a similar frequency resonance exists for beings who evolve on the negative scale of frequency. these parasites/elohim/skinwalkers/masters of deception I speak of are the highest ranking negative entities who were able to attach themselves to earth and her systems/living beings

the beings from orion were the number one facilitators of these parasites and were the number one ranking minions in terms of negative resonance. the pleiadian deceivers are one level below the orion deceivers

most of the world ruling elite worshiped these parasitic scum including corrupt factions of once nobel secret societies. those at the top knew exactly what they were doping whilst most of the minions were shown these parasites but did not recognise them to be gold-plated

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10/11/2012 05:19 PM
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Re: the elohim = pleiades/orion/masters of deception/parasites/authors of the book
You said it: these gods (God El + his children) are nothing but parasites feeding of humans' incredible gullibility and credulity.
Let us finally rid ourselves of this deceiving scum and stand on our own feet as humanity.