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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe": September 29 - October 28. (Do you know what happened at Farpoint Station?)
Poster Handle Enchanted Wanderer
Post Content
while there are a few pockets of humans that deserve saving 95% do not.. i can not actually think of a single reason to save humanity..

Humanity is greedy, selfish, stupid, hateful, wasteful, abusive, violent, and above all else lacking in love .. love of the self and love of their fellow man.. evidence is everywhere and while that small 5% of humans have the right energy, ideas, attitudes and systems that could vastly improve the way we all live, the other 95% are too stupid, fearful and selfish to even bother to consider them..

Humanity gets a huge F in the universal school

 Quoting: anonymous reality 2272510

Speak for yourself. You couldn't be further from the truth IMHO. The small minority that wants us to believe that tripe certainly are what you say. There are also a number of individuals outside of that realm that are equally challenged and hateful, because they've been taught to think that way since childhood. Many have been saved from this cycle of hatred though (through the good works of others), so the condition certainly isn't permanent. Nonetheless, there are some that will never be saved...they are only here to serve themselves and enhance their power. In the end, however, they will lose all they've saught.

All in all, however, I truly believe that the average human strives to be sincere, loving, helpful and gracious. Yes, there are varying degrees, with a few bad days in between; however, most people want peace and love. But we will fight when those senses are challenged, which is where we find ourselves more and more today.

Unfortunately, we may all have to fight for our survival in a very short time, but I still believe that love and light will eventually shine through it all. When it does, those like us will remain.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 671825

a) People wont fight for it because because there has been and is enough evidence out there for them to make the changes neccessary however they dont even when they are shown the truth because thats just too hard or too inconvienient .. 95% of humans are too lazy to save themselves .. this information has been around for decades..

and b) fighting for love and peace is completely ridiculous.. you should never have to use a negative to gain a positive.. ever.. and to suggest that we might have to in the future is another point of proof that humanity doesnt deserve the gift they have been given..

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