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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe": September 29 - October 28. (Do you know what happened at Farpoint Station?)
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Remember peoples...

quote [Why should Western civilization be saved?

In helping to answer this question, imagine that your words heavily influence what happens next.

Imagine that you are Captain Jean Luc Picard standing in front of Q at Farpoint Station, and humanity is being put on trial. (Except you are helping to explain why Western civilization should not be destroyed.)

Strangely, your words will decide the "fate" of humanity.] emphasis added
 Quoting: curve

I think we, as a civilization, have potential but need a wake up call. I find most to be self absorbed, but during times of catastrophe many put their lives aside to help their fellow citizens. I've seen it time and time again, not just here but globally. I think we all want the same things, but find ourselves stuck in a situation we feel we have no control over and even if we come to see the bars on our cage, it is difficult to step outside the walls of the cage.
I lost my job over a year ago and it was the most freeing experience I have had in many years, where time once again was my own. I decided to return to school and began to learn how the bars came to be in the first place. If people could only realize to what lengths those who hold the power and the wealth have gone to create this reality you would be overwhelmed by the truth of it!
I think we have the potential to do good, to love our fellow human being but within a capitalist system which breeds competition as someone else pointed out and limits and directs our participation the task becomes difficult. Unfortunately, we live in a fear based and materialistic existence where the need to have has become more important than the need to do the right thing, all the time. With out an alternative readily available, short of going back to pre-technology, our lives have been intentionally wrapped up in our current way of living, so it makes it difficult for those of us who would like to live differently to do so.
I believe in the good of all people but few realize that it is simply their choice to live that good life and are caught up in this current reality and do not see the bars on their cage, nor do they see a need to hold those accountable for their grave disservice to humanity in spite of all the contradictions that are right in front of us.
I think all should not suffer the consequences for those crimes committed against humanity by the few, but sometimes the sledge hammer approach is needed to wake people up.
We have the ability to choose at any time to change, but few will desire to change either because they see nothing wrong with how things are going or they feel powerless to do anything about it so they become complacent or try to make the best of a bad situation.
Anyway, I would like to see change for the better, but without enough people desiring the same thing the demand is not there. Should Western Civilization be saved? I would say, if it is in the greatest good of all, then so be it, if it is not then what should happen will! I am ready to make the necessary sacrifices for the good of all but many are not! Does that mean I am willing to die for what I believe, absolutely! I have been humbled to the point of not seeking fulfillment at the expense of others, yet in this world all that I touch has been at the sacrifice of someone else and my heart is torn to know what others suffer so that I might have. But, I too am still trapped within this cage.
 Quoting: Eastside45

I can relate to you 100%. When you are plugged into the matrix you can't see the forest for the tree's. The same thing happened to me in 2006 when I had to retire early due to an illness. I always knew there was something wrong with the entire system. It is all so corrupt and stupid just like the "KING IS STARK RAVING NAKED" BUT NO ONE WILL SAY SO. Well, now that I have extricated myself from my old senseless existence, I will say that the king has no close. LOL
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