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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe": September 29 - October 28. (Do you know what happened at Farpoint Station?)
Poster Handle Mathemagician
Post Content
What is your relationship to "western civ"? If the idea has a neg charge, only you can change that with perspective. Moreover, if you don't, that relationship will neg affect your life in all other relationships. Further more, even if western civ "goes away", it will still be an experiential reality via time travel or via something like an other worldly internet existing on another earth! Either way, to consider that something bad is gonna happen or should, reflects more on thar particular perspective rather than some coherent intelligible articulation on the nature of reality itself or the workings therein. Thank you all for the blessings you bring. Our efforts create it...

Ps gloom and doomers, please allow space for us to father and witness the brilliance and light that is our children. Their being and smiles would be something to miss. Trust you can see all of our shining faces in every city across the globes! For an example come on down ta lake Charles Louisiana we'll treat cha right...

Pss regardless of perspective, the ingenuity and love that as risen from these shores is a sight to behold. America---- where even the assholes are geniuses . Like it or not, these shores have produced souls willing to stake their very existence on ideals.... Where all men are created equal. All perspectives are valid.

Monsieur Terziu
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