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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe": September 29 - October 28. (Do you know what happened at Farpoint Station?)
Poster Handle Chaol
Post Content
So we have our 9 votes, and thensome:

1) Leave it be and see what happens - 2 votes

2) Diminish its potential energy - 1 vote

3) Increase its potential energy - 7 votes

interesting, needless to say.

One person voted for all three, so I counted this as 1 vote per.

(Actually, no one voted directly for #2. So it was actually 1, 0, 7)

Now this is a conscious decision. I assure you our subconscious is no different and would pretty much follow the above trend if a vote were taken.

Most of us have consciously decided to increase the potential energy of a nexus point. Notably, it is something I advised against. Not only do we live for human drama, we need it in order to survive.

Subconsciously we look for relationships we can interact with. The more relationships the better. It does not matter what the relationship is, actually. Only that we have the potential to interact with something.

We see a crowd gather and we want to know what's going on.

We see a big tsunami and we want to get closer.

Uncle Tom passes his daily humours and we are eager to smell it.

We know something bad will happen but we are secretly very curious as to its possibility.

Given the chance to diminish such a powerful energy where "anything could happen" we rarely would take it.

Who would pass up an opportunity for such possibilities, no matter what actually happens?
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