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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe": September 29 - October 28. (Do you know what happened at Farpoint Station?)
Poster Handle MutantMessiah
Post Content
3) Increase its potential energy (something I would not advise) - 9 votes





 Quoting: Chaol

inadequate collective decision
it doesnt work that way
ur small sample is being deceived
game has more higher players
the ones working best outcome
you are splitting a timeline
and who follow you will pay high

even if smart i see u r STS
how sad.

 Quoting: tsk tsk 25742094

Thank you.
 Quoting: Chaol


Potential energy is just that... potential, to be used in the way most relative. hf
 Quoting: MutantMessiah

Yes, and i guess no many are seeing the big picture.
maybe he is right, you are ready for dinner *wink*
interesting one bridge if you know what means
Before to enter a game learn well the rules, thats all.
I will not interrump more his game, free will rules.
Good luck guys/gals

 Quoting: tsk tsk 24741895

None are seeing the big picture, not even Chaol. The picture we see is no larger than our little slice of perspective. To assume that you are aware of THE big picture is to render yourself close-minded to contrary evidence.

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