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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe": September 29 - October 28. (Do you know what happened at Farpoint Station?)
Poster Handle Chaol
Post Content
Thank you for everything, Chaol! You will be missed (as this particular value)!

A few Q's before you go-

Which historical period could one look to as a reference point?
 Quoting: CatCarel

The present.

We take elements of all historical periods, known and unknown, and use these relationships to experience to present.

But we are closely related now to the known aspects of (ancient) Rome, China, America, Egypt, Persia, and South America.

Are the sounds of neuronicons as important as the icons themselves?
 Quoting: CatCarel

That is something you'll have to experiment with ;)

How does being a silent observer vs. participating in the thread change things in your perspective?
 Quoting: CatCarel

Relating it more to your own experience, perhaps. Making it come alive in your perspective. Though some have an active imagination all ready where this is mostly satisfied.

Which activity will be most indicative of coming changes? Solar? Weather?
 Quoting: CatCarel

Socially I would say psychological and emotional.

Geophysical activity, the magma brewing under your feet in response to extraterrestrial changes.

What flavor pancake would you be, if you were a pancake?

 Quoting: CatCarel

Butter :)
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