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Hey, Muslims! Debunk this please.

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09/29/2011 06:11 PM

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Hey, Muslims! Debunk this please.
Washington (CNN) The White House Thursday condemned the conviction of an Iranian pastor, who may be executed in Tehran for refusing to recant his religious beliefs and convert from Christianity to Islam.

His name is Youcef Nadarkhan.

Tell me this is not true.


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Last of the Americans
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09/29/2011 08:48 PM
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Re: Hey, Muslims! Debunk this please.
Wake the *&ck up; these diaper headed assassins aren't going to give you a straight and truthful answer even if they do respond. Their satanic religion encourages them to lie to gain advantage over the 'infidel' (you, me, etc). Of course the pastor story is true and we need to lift him up to GOD Almighty for protection.

BTW, if you read Islam's description of Allah, it is the Bible's description of Satan. Sooner the rest of Christendom gets a grip with the truth the sooner we can protect our posterity from total annihilation.