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Lightworkers and New Agers!! watch the entire thing prt1 & 2

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United States
09/30/2011 04:16 AM
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Lightworkers and New Agers!! watch the entire thing prt1 & 2
HOLY WOW I came across this video while I was searching around and this thing popped up in my face. Decided to watch it without any sort of judgment. I'm aware that there is soo much info out there on the net that it can be so damn difficult to know who is right anymore and who or what isn't. Since I believe that things happen for a reason I watched both parts of it. It got real interesting as I continued to watch. He mentions a little something about lightworkers and new age stuff. I can't remember which part of the video it is since there is two parts. We all know about the Illuminati and there crap but I don't think I have ever heard a Former member speak about it so damn openly. All I can say is wow and now I'm just confused about this new age and lightworkers.
Opinions? Can't trust shit anymore! wtf

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