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Message Subject What is your favorite love song?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
WOW....Man that would be tough...I grew up in a very violent home, and have suffered much in this life...I learned early on you could ONLY trust a Dog.... I love Dogs... I am so sorry for your loss...Blessings to You...

PS. As a christian I want to tell you, you will see jack again...Dogs really do go to heaven...

I knew a little girl yrs ago, she must have been 13. She told me that she was very sad about her dog dying.

She said while driving in the car with her parents, she looked out the side window, and saw Jesus with her dog.

She said Jesus was smiling, and said he would be waiting for her, and so would her dog...

Hope this helps you in your time of trouble..

Thank you to everyone who has posted Love songs tonight!!!!

I needed a distraction because I am on “Death watch” with my 9 ½ year old 140 lb Leonberger dog.

My boy Jack has had bone cancer for the past 6 months. He has put up a valiant fight but I think he is close to losing the battle.

I sit by his side and watch over him day and night, just like he has done for me for the past 9 plus years.

Passing the time tonight with love songs has been wonderful.

My computer speakers drown out the sound of his panting (yes he is on pain meds) which tears my heart apart.

I don’t know if my boy Jack has days or weeks left. But I do know GLP is a good distraction.

Thank you for all the love that has been shared tonight!

It helps my broken heart!
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