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Message Subject What is your favorite love song?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

good story cowgirlhf
U go girl!!!

Derek St. Holmes...vocals here...made Ted what he is... Ted knows...somewheres deep insiderose

 Quoting: exiled1

Thanks for the tunes....The kids just informed me they are forming the "Icky shot club"..OMG! I'm not sure if I'm a really bad mom or I've raised kids that are enjoying life to the fullest. Ah...who cares, they will all go to bed soon, I'll get to clean up the mess and everyone will wake up tomorrow with a headache and funny stories to tell...Live, love and laugh..that's what makes life worth living.
 Quoting: CowgirlK

I would say you have done quite well...on all fronts!hf

Icky, you don't say...crank this one up(to 11!) in time for the next 'shot'...lol..one of our modern day musical geniuses(probably the besthf)...yeah Detroit, for what its worth, still supplies some of the best music...If youre not familiar with him (Jack White/White Stripes/Raconteurs), check out youtube...he hits on all gamuts of the musical spectrum.

Go Tigers..FFS..can we please not get swept...grumpy2peace

-and tell your kids they have one kick-ass mom!rockonrose

 Quoting: exiled1

Thank you sooooo much for your kind words!

One of their concoctions involved, Aloe Juice, Chlorophyll, Elderberry syrup, fresh cayenne peppers from my garden and tequila they brought back from a Mexican cruise. They called it "Mom's fridge health shot" LOL

I'm going to clean up their mess and call it a night. I need to get up early, make coffee, cook breakfast and advise them to delete any stupid stuff they may have uploaded to youtube. Even with kids in their mid-20's ..It appears that mothers job is never done!
 Quoting: CowgirlK

so you just happened to have chlorophyll laying around???thumbslol..yep, cool mom...and the rest...yeah...once again...they seem to have been raised to know what we are truly here forrose
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