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Message Subject List of false prophets and failed predictions.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Easy remedy is to make void and null any ......

Predictions what so ever....every prediction so we can never again have a prediction that did not happen as before predicted....the meandering of a nut loving squirrel..dreaming of perfection.

Yes void them in every form even elected to be intelligent predictions.

Remote viewed and statistically analyzed predictions.

Even the predictions to what is or where maybe a possible EQ since they are only predictions.

All predictions even of weather should be voided and wiped out from existence so we will no longer have any hypothesis ay all not even opinions....

That is a good Logic....by reason of the Illogical to even create with out removing total forethought..from all mind that think..so obliterate the brain of all..

This is like the some body shoot me in the head kind of attitude...or the higher than a Georgie pine mind......it is great the many that think...but that does not mean it is worth the time to think it.

Bad science and even worse advise does not even have a platform that its feet are on..it is loftiness of mind unsound mind.

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