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Message Subject List of false prophets and failed predictions.
Poster Handle Fabian10
Post Content
There is nothing wrong with "predictions".. but not all predictions are the same...
Example 1
If Someone make a mathematical model about the behavior of a subatomic particle in a colision.... that is a "prediction"...and that prediction can be right, or wrong... and sometimes, even years of experiments are needed to find the true...

That kind of predictions are good ones, because you can see actual data behind that prediction, because that kind of prediction makes "Theories" possible, and "theories" are fundamental keys of advance in Science...

But... there is the example 2:

Lets say that someone make a prediction about a big Earthquake on L.A.
The source of this prediction: a Channeled message from a "superior being"...

Like the first prediction, this one can become true.. or not..... but the problem with this kind of predictions is, if the prediction comes true, you have no actual data to prove a correlation between the facts and the prediction....

In the first example if the prediction turn to be wrong, you can redo the math and learn something, if turn to be right, you can keep working in that way and learn even more..

In the second case if the prediction turn to be wrong, you can do nothing, you learn nothing, exept that the source was not reliable; if turn to be right you have no way to prove a correlation between the prediction and the facts. so again, you learn nothing....

From where i came from, if something teach you nothing, is useless
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