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Message Subject List of false prophets and failed predictions.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Looks like you are the false prophet:

Sep 4, 2011: BUSTED
Hurricane Landfall, Earthquake by Once4All
Thread: --> September 4th <-- Hurricane Landfall, 7.+ Earthquake, Gaza Strip Bombing [ Posted AUGUST 8TH]

This was in 2010 and it happened !!!
 Quoting: Once4All

Sorry, I messed up with the date. I removed this prediction from the list.

The prediction was very vague:

So September 4th begins a very troubling time. And sometime after that

"A very troubling time is about to begin."
"A toxic fire will contaminate the whole world."
"The jewish people will launch a sneak attack against Iran."

"about to begin" is very generic term. It can be stated for any date and then wait till something happens.

The world was not contaminated by toxic fire. And there is always some fire in some places in the world.

Iran was not attacked.

You then connected your prediction to hurricane and earthquake, but they were not mentioned in the first place. Every day something happens. So your prediction does not count, sorry. I just removed it from the list because it is controversial.
 Quoting: Sergman

That. "A very troubling time is about to begin". Where? When? How long? How will it be? You can take it whatever way you want. Moreover, we haven't seen any time specially troubling since then.

YOU are a false prophet. Your predictions are countless and you're not legit, your own words JUDGE you.
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