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Message Subject List of false prophets and failed predictions.
Poster Handle Sergman
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Don't forget the guy in my signature.

 Quoting: Perf

 Quoting: Sergman

Thread: Current Events by Davidjayjordan (Page 3)
September 21 to September 31....

As the start of the Lord's reign or installment for the Millinium has to be in my opinion according to the time frames and prophetic numbers in 2018 on the Start of Rosh Hannah or at its end on the 10th day of Rosh Hannah , the Day of Atonement. Sept 31, 2018

Check the prophecy timelines of this.

Minus seven years brings the date back for the start to Sept 21, 2011
 Quoting: Davidjayjordan

Apparently there is a Sept. 31 on his calendar. It's not a typo - he mentions this date many times and on his own website too. Strange guy. Here he is speaking about a U.S. war with Iran.

Last year on GLP he predicted it for the same month and day but in 2010.

Thread: Sept 21st - Iran War starts

When that one failed to come to pass, he just moved it to 2011, but missed again. He has predicted this war elsewhere on the internet for 2002, 2006, and also 2009. He's probably working on a new date since the latest one fizzled.

He's obsessed with Sept. 21 because he has predicted the 2nd Coming for Sept. 21, 2017 and he is trying to fit these things into his timeline. He has also used his DOB in this thread on another site for the U.S./Iran war.

[link to 2017.forumsmotions.com]

 Quoting: Perf

I am not sure I understand his point. He is talking about 2017, 2018. Then he makes some assumptions about 2011. And he admits:

But it wasn;t a quess as mentioned nor a pophecy, just the logical rational mathematical matching of numbers for the start of the last seven years.

So I don't know how to eat that. It does not fall to a definition of prediction.
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