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Message Subject List of false prophets and failed predictions.
Poster Handle Sergman
Post Content

I am fed up with all these stupid predictions that never came through. So I decided to compile predictions from this website and from other sources and bust them one by one.

(update: I also included successful predictions)

Aug 25, 2012: BUSTED
by Hawk-02
Thread: RIGHT AGAIN: DOOM CANDY! Just Got An Email From My 5 STAR GENERAL BUDDY!!! He told me to Issue a 4 SIREN ALERT!

Hello Sergman,

I beg to differ, Hawk was actually RIGHT + - one day IT DID Happen and is still going on... anyway if we are dealing with nature here we can't be that precise so +- one day should be taking into consideration. He mentioned EARTHQUAKE and PLANET X Both are natural or nature controlled which means we humans can't be that precise when it comes to pin pointing dates but the information he was given by his insider General (regardless his star ranking)turned out to be very valid. So instead of a BUSTED it should read CONFIRMED
 Quoting: Sergman

Nothing serious has happened yet. If the SHTF by the end of the month I will change the status of this prediction.
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