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Message Subject List of false prophets and failed predictions.
Poster Handle nicolaem
Post Content
6 of 8 signposts have been passed..the 7th would be the death of the 2 witnesses which will be complete when iman zawahiri is killed.. its key to note that the apocolyptic timeline is being correographed by satan himself with GOD as the RESTRAINOR, protecting ST. DANIEL and ST JOHN of patmos in their dreams, so satan shapes the MOCKING father/son team of zawahiri and bin ladin...he does it another time with the father son antichrist heydar aliyev and ilkham heydar aliyev...this observation that zawahiri and bin ladin are the 2 witnesses has brought much ridicule but i won't address that..what i will ask people to look for is that 3 and one half days after zawahiri is killed their will be an unprecedented earthquake in the medditeranean region keyed to the caspian sea and the pipeline countries of azerbajian, georgia, and turkey..this shoud vindicate the 2 witness prediction and will start the clock ticking for armageddon..this woe,the third and final one, prophecy tells us, will come quickly..the corroboration is that 3 is a complete number in christianity, father, son and holy spirit..so we see that satan is mcking GOD right to the very end with his own unholy trinity
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