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Message Subject List of false prophets and failed predictions.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
please add:
Thread: Who is Kaoru Nakamaru? She predicts 3 days of darkness starting from December 22 to 25th of December 2012.

and two more from the indefatigable Solar Guardian:
Thread: X-60+ class solar flare by December 20 2012

Thread: Magnitude 9.8 Earthquake by December 8 2012

on that last thread he says:

I believe this time it truly will happen, because cosmic rays will flood more into our solar system as a result of our entry into the denser areas of the Plasma Cloud just now. If this doesn't happen by December 8 2012, I will refrain from posting at GLP for 50 days starting from December 9 2012.

which I think is great news for everyone on this thread...

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