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Message Subject List of false prophets and failed predictions.
Poster Handle ac454
Post Content
Here are few that I have posted here at GLP.
Predicted the flooding in the lower Hudson river before Sandy formed.
Predicted the Halloween storm of last year and the wide spread power outage before the storm formed.
Predicted the rise of obama (vile deceiver) before he was known and before he announced his candidacy.
Predicted the space shuttle being destroyed on reentry. It's parts were scattered across Texas.
I had a vision the space shuttle being shot with a laser just as it launched and exploding in the sky. Tried to get the message out. The next morning I watched it explode from my front yard.
There were others, haven't kept track really. The point is dreams and visions can have meaning as warning for future events. If you do have a glimpse of danger that can help others it is your duty I think to tell others. All of these were ignored, but no one can say warning was not given.
Some may remember me, I made the first false color images of mars and posted them on GLP. Folks argued for weeks whether my color images were valid, they were.
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