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Message Subject BUSTED !!! # 'CHEMTRAILS' !!! # Ongoing - Links, Videos & Articles #
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"Chem-trails are NOT a myth. I should know as I was an airline pilot for a major carrier before the recent rash of layoffs left me without a job or an income. Unlike many of my colleagues currently collecting unemployment, I have no desire to return to the airline industry and, therefore, am no longer committed to keeping the dark truth regarding chem-trails a secret.
As many other airline pilots, I started my flying career in the military. Here is where I first learned of the government's program to fill the sky with chem-trails for a number of sinister purposes. The operation was initially called "Dark Cloud" and later changed to "Silver Lining" (yes, the military is full of original thoughts, right?). Of course, like many other military pilots, I underwent an extensive background check in order to receive my "Top Secret" security clearance, the minimum level of clearance required to participate in Operation Silver Lining. By the way, this is one reason the airlines prefer hiring ex-military pilots, i.e., they already have the necessary clearance to continue the operation. Of course, civilian pilots are also hired, but there is a considerable expense in performing the necessary background checks on them in order to award them the prerequisite clearances.

The program functions generally as follows: The desired chemical agents (which I will cover in detail soon) are integrated into the jet fuel itself by the large oil companies at their refineries. This is why there are no separate delivery trucks or aircraft spraying systems to be found. The chemicals are dispersed directly by the engines into the atmosphere.

The military and "civilian" airline programs are very similar, so I will only cover the airline program in detail here.

It all starts with the flight plan. In addition to the aircraft weights, weather, route of flight, etc. are a couple of symbols. The first is an asterisk "*" and the second is a double asterisk "**". Tough stuff, eh? :-) Anyway, the asterisks will be found in the route of flight for the aircraft. For example, let's take a hypothetical flight from Los Angeles (LAX) to Denver (DEN). The flight plan will show a route of flight like this: LAX DAG* LAS BCE HBU** DEN. This is overly simplified, but it basically means the flight will fly from Los Angeles to Dagget to Las Vegas to Bryce Canyon to Blue Mesa then to Denver. Notice the asterisks? They mean chem-spraying is to begin over Dagget and end over Blue Mesa! Cool, huh?

Ok, so how do the pilots actually perform this spraying since, as many debunkers point out, there are no controls for the spraying in the cockpit? This just shows how little they know about the flight deck of an airliner! First of all, after the aircraft is filled with the chemically laced fuel, the fueler hands the pilots a sheet of paper with all the details of the fueling operation. In addition to the amount of fuel boarded are a couple of insidious little roman numerals located next to the fuel truck identification. These are usually I or II, but can be III or IV. These numbers signify the type of chemical agent found in the jet fuel. There is never more than one agent used at a time since it was discovered during trials at Edwards AFB in 1976 that they don't work well when mixed. This is what the numbers mean:

I - General purpose psychological control agent. Mild effect but covers wide areas.
II - Advanced psychological control agent. More powerful than type I but disperses and weakens quickly.
III - Large scale neutralizing agent. Nasty stuff! More details about this one below.
IV - Neural disruption agent. Kind of like a powerful airborne narcotic.

As you might guess, type I is used most frequently over wide sparsely populated areas. Type II is used whenever flights will be over densely populated areas like cites. Type III is basically a deadly nerve agent. Rarely used from airliners as you might imagine, but I did use this a few times in the Persian Gulf while flying over Iraq. We would wipe out a few small villages and naturally blame Saddam Hussein for the massacre. Type IV is usually used after significant political-social events like the Election 2000 debacle. In order to prevent mass riots or other civil disruptions, the population will be covered with Type IV agent to calm them down!

Getting back to the pilots, this is how the operation continues. After noting the type of agent from the fuel sheet, the pilots enter this data into the Flight Management Computer (FMC). For all you debunkers out there, the FMC is how the entire system is controlled, so of course you're note going to see anything extra on the flight deck! After telling the system what kind of agent is on board, the pilots enter the spraying start and stop points from the flight plan. Remember the asterisks? Well, the FMC doesn't have an asterisk key so the pilots use the following procedure. Once the route of flight is in the FMC, the pilots enter "CTB" (chem trail begin) with the keyboard and line select into the point with the single asterisk from the flight plan. Then they enter "CTS" (chem trail stop) and line select that into the point with the double asterisk. Now the aircraft knows where to begin and where to stop spraying!

How the system actually starts and stops the chem-trail is interesting also. After all, since the agent is in the fuel, how come the aircraft don't lay a trail on takeoff? The answer is in the molecular make up of the chemical agents. They are specifically engineered to be 10 times the size of the fuel molecules they accompany. There is a special fuel filter in the engines called a "spatial polarizing membrane". This membrane in its normal state is like a wood picket fence. It only allows the smaller fuel molecules to pass through and proceed to the engine's combustion chamber. However, when the FMC commands the engines to start chem-spraying, a signal is sent to the membrane and it reorients itself so the "slats" of the wood picket fence are edge on to the oncoming fuel. This basically opens up the filter to allow larger particles through, such as the chemical's molecules, and they proceed to the engine for dispersal.

Sometimes there are problems with the system. The most common malfunction is the finicky and temperamental polarizing membrane. After about 500 hours of use, it starts to degrade and the flow of chemical agent becomes sporadic. This can often times be seen in the irregular uneven nature of some chem-trails. Since the pilots cannot see the trail they are laying, they are not always aware that the membrane is screwing up. For this reason, air traffic control will often times put aircraft into holding patterns simply for the purpose of allowing the pilots to check their chem-trail for quality!

Finally, there is the HUGE issue of 9/11 and the government's BIG cover-up. Nothing new here, eh? It sure was convenient to blame the disaster of 9/11 on Islamic terrorists. After all, who really questioned it? The true perpetrators of the crime were none other than militant members of SAP (Society for Atmospheric Purity) that call themselves the "Purple Buttons". Apparently they identify themselves to each other by sewing a single purple button on their clothing. Although questionable in their methods, they are extremely knowledgeable about Operation Silver Lining and are working hard to defeat it. The purpose behind the 9/11 hijackings was the discovery of a new chemical agent, Type VII, that was ready for testing (Type V and VI are supposedly still under development). This new agent was supposed to attenuate the human desire for material objects and make people happy with their modest means. The application of this agent couldn't have come at a better time with the economy failing and unemployment increasing.

Well, the Purple Buttons learned about this new agent and the government's plan to debut the concoction on Sept. 11, 2001 using either 767's or 757's from United and American Airlines. Due to a well versed misinformation campaign, the Purple Buttons could not confirm exactly which flights would carry Type VII, but they narrowed it down to a few flight numbers. Naturally, they were transcontinental flights that would spread the agent from the east to west coast. The plan was to destroy the aircraft before they could spray Type VII across the entire country and while they were at it, they were going to demolish a few ground targets that were key to Operation Silver Lining.

The most prominent target was the World Trade Center twin towers. As you might recall, Tower One had a large antenna array on its roof. This antenna was a receiver for all the aircraft in the chem-trail operation. Basically, aircraft would transmit data regarding their operation such as agent used, altitude dispensed at, and atmospheric conditions to the receiver in Tower One. The computer that compiled and encrypted the data for transmission to central control was in Tower Two, so both buildings had to be taken out. Just where was this central control? It was either in the Pentagon or the North wing of the U.S. Capitol building. Those were the targets of the 757's in the operation.

Unbeknownst to the Purple Buttons, the receiver at the twin towers had been deactivated a month prior and moved to another location, believed to still be somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard as this is considered the geographic center of 85% of the world's airline activity. A further set back was the failure to take out central control which was confirmed to be at the Pentagon, but in another wedge. This too has thus been moved to an unknown location. Agent Type VII was subsequently tested again after 9/11 but found to be ineffective and is undergoing further refinement.

As for me, I am currently in negotiations to publish a book that exposes Operation Silver Lining. The book will be titled, "The High in the Sky" by Ex-Captain Jay. Wish me luck!"

[link to www.chemtrailcentral.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2399064

I guess you missed all the comments after that...

The guy was obviously lying...never was a pilot..and was using the gullibility of his fellow chemtards (like you) to spread his nonsense.

You people will accept any thing as truth if it mirrors your own beliefs..as "fact"...while you reject everything that disagrees with your "beliefs" just because you disagree with it...based on your ignorance...it's hilarious.
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