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Message Subject BUSTED !!! # 'CHEMTRAILS' !!! # Ongoing - Links, Videos & Articles #
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm 46 years old and have see these trails since I was a toddler...when my father first pointed them out to me and explained them.
 Quoting: Noble

Well, I am 49, I lived practically out doors as a kid, and used to watch planes. Went to air shows since I was 5. And used to sit at the airport and watch planes, and photograph them.

Contrails were gone usually within 5 - 10 minutes until about 10 or less years ago. Then I noticed that they stayed there.

So, be purpose, or ignorance, you are mistaken.
 Quoting: orb

you just have to watch the roofs of homes to realize that the chemicals coming from the planes are landing on the roofs and causing the roofs to have streaks. I've owned homes for 30 years and not once have I had to wash the roof. I've washed it twice in the last 6 years.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2510810

And where is the evidence that what causes the streaks comes from the trails...and not the tons of other shit we continually pour into our air at ground level?! I'll tell you where that evidence is...NO WHERE! It's ignorant and paranoid assumption...nothing more!

Is there a difference in the homes you've owned? Trees above the roof in one house...but not in another? Proximity to a commercial plant of some sort? An area of the roof that doesn't get as much sun as the roof did in past houses? To say "CHEMTRAILS" as if it's the obvious answer is just plain IGNORANT and unsupported with evidence. Nice try!

You people are just clueless about the world around you because you're too busy looking up at contrails and making ignorant assumptions about things you don't understand.
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