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Message Subject BUSTED !!! # 'CHEMTRAILS' !!! # Ongoing - Links, Videos & Articles #
Poster Handle brokenpuppet
Post Content

So, was Rep. Dennis Kucinich a chemtard when he introduced "chemtrails" as a chemical weapon in the air in HR 2977?
 Quoting: Hypertoxic

I suggest you learn more about that bill...read about Webre and Rosin, and why THEY wrote it for Kucinich.
 Quoting: Noble

Yes, it was written by others, and subsequently removed under pressure in a later bill by Kucinich.

That's what I found.
 Quoting: Hypertoxic

Uh huh...because "chemtrails" was a made up word...

And who is to say the trails we all see in the sky ARE the "chemtrails" being discussed in that first draft bill?!

Because they are "trails", they MUST BE "the" trails referred to in that bill?! Says who?! Chemtards?!

Sorry, the trails we all see in the sky are completely unrelated to the Space Preservation Act.

It's just an ASSUMPTION that the trails in these videos have anything to do with that bill...and the assumption was made and continues to be made by conspiracy theorists...

The trails we all see in the sky are CONTRAILS...and there is no evidence to support ANY claim that they are anything else...period!

Again, look at the definition of "space" in that bill...and then think about the bill and why it was written. Then think about the people who wrote it.

Stop making stupid assumptions....and following other idiots who make stupid assumptions.

You are wasting your life...

It's funny...but sad how you people live in fear of things you couldn't be more ignorant about if you wanted to be.
 Quoting: Noble

Noble...Answer this
Would the government or related agencies and corporations consider geoengineering?

Do you think they would openly talk about committing to such experiments if such experiments could cause massive harm as a side effect?

Would you be ok with geoengineering the planet?

[link to www.cfr.org]

Answer please or you admit your a paid shill
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