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Message Subject BUSTED !!! # 'CHEMTRAILS' !!! # Ongoing - Links, Videos & Articles #
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I think that Monsanto is a big part of the spraying, and that they plan to make a whole lot of money from their "aluminum resistant seeds" when there's so much in the soil on all the farmland in the world from the spray.

It's ridiculous how much flaming and attacking there is on this site for peoples opinions. Most of the time the people attacking or calling names have no links supporting their point of view, it's so nonsensical.
 Quoting: Odraca

Aluminum has ALWAYS been in the soil. Monsanto has been working on this problem for a VERY long time. There has never been a need to add aluminum to the soil...there has always been plenty!
 Quoting: Noble

This problem? Humans have been using the soil of the earth just fine for thousands of years, why is this now becoming a problem?
 Quoting: Odraca

Just fine huh?

With heavy use of fertilizers and other chemicals.

Who says it's a problem? It's just that the more aluminum resistant the seed, the more likely it won't fail.

And as nutrients that the plants use are removed from the soil over the years...the aluminum tends to be more and more of a problem because it's more concentrated. Monsanto just doesn't want it to BECOME a "major" problem over time.

I found this quote:

Aluminum is all around us, all soils contain it. Some soils have more than others. Soil acids make it mobile and if enough is in the root zone, plants are seriously inhibited if not killed. Plants that are tolerant to aluminum can grow in more acid soils with higher concentrations of aluminum. So this tells you the commercial aspect that Monsanto is trying to exploit.

But the rub is... Modern farming methods tend to make aluminum go into solution in the soil and can concentrate it to a level that is seriously bad news to plants. Read about the San Joaquin valley and the effect of many years of irrigation to support commercial farming. There are toxic ponds laden with metals like selenium that are deadly enough to kill birds that land.

So from my perspective, Monsanto is well within reason to look for aluminum tolerance. After all, we can't let modern exploitative agriculture go down the tubes.

Some very good points...indeed...wouldn't you agree?
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