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Message Subject BUSTED !!! # 'CHEMTRAILS' !!! # Ongoing - Links, Videos & Articles #
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So, How Do We Stop The Spraying?
December 1, 2012

All that know about the horrific crime that is “stratospheric aerosol geoengineering” (SAG), more commonly known as “chemtrails”, want an answer to this question. Though there is not an easy answer, there is a way. Raise public awareness until it reaches critical mass.

This sounds so very generic, but in fact it is the only path forward. If all pulled together, the globally decimating aerosol spraying programs could be exposed. There is no other way and I will explain why.

The Concerted, Coordinated Government Agency Cover-Up
Regarding the issue of geoengineering, the doors to all government representatives, and all government agencies, have been locked and shackled shut. Those behind the spraying operations have made vast preparations to protect these programs over the course of decades. They have left no stone unturned, no door unlocked, as I stated. Governmental agencies like “Water Quality” and “Air Quality” have been structured in a manor to mask the mountain of toxic fallout from the weather/climate modification programs.

 Quoting: RoXY

All these bold claims and, yet again, no evidence that these airline contrails contain anything unusual.
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