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NWO AGENDA: HAARP fully exposed!!!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 2359349
10/02/2011 10:42 PM
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NWO AGENDA: HAARP fully exposed!!!
It's a common sense that the increase in the seismic activity on Earth, may be related to HAARP experiments and I did an extensive research gathering data to corroborate this general opinion. The result is just scary: Currently, there are several facilities or "antenna farms'', spread around the globe, settled in a group of nations that joined USA and are under the command of the Alaska laboratory, US navy and USAF. They built a huge EM wide world web and the official "scientific research about ionosphere properties" explanation, is just a decoy to cover up a monstrous project that point to two directions: The creation of a global plasma-shield and/or the use of ionosphere as a environmental weapon. The relation with earthquakes is plausible since that planet's lithosphere interacts with EM resonance. I attempted to put all that matters in a short video and I highly recommend a further research about this very important subject:

World wide HAARP farms coordinates:

62°23'29.66''N, 145°06'58.47''W

Sura Facility
HAARP Like Facility
Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia
[link to sura.nirfi.sci-nnov.ru]
56°7'9.70''N, 46°2'3.66''E
56°08'N, 46°06'E

National MST Radar Facility
Andra Pradesh, India
13°27'26.68''N, 79°10'30.74''E

Jicamarca Radio Observatory
Lima, Peru
11°57'6''S, 76°52'27''W

Jindalee Operational Radar Network
Long Reach, Australia
23°24'S, 143°48'E
Leonora, Australia
28°19'02.5608''S, 122°50'36.4416''E
Laverton, West Australia
28°19'36.29''S, 122°0'18.84''E
23°39'28.9692''S, 144°08'43.5552''E
Alice spring, Australia
22°58'03.2196''S, 134°26'52.5732''E

Arecibo, Porto Rico
18°20'39''N, 66°45'10''W

EISCAT, Norway
69°35'10.67''N, 19°13'28.62''E

HiScat/Teracom, Sweden
55°49N, 13°44E

[link to www.britainnews.net]

Alex... is banned here at GLP /earth%E2%80%99s-magnetic-field-has-massive-breach...

[link to www.nrl.navy.mil]

[link to www.dsto.defence.gov.au]

This link is forbidden to be posted here thanks to big egoes. It suffices to say it's the forum that is hated here, and GLP is hated there and it's brown. /forum/thread504701/pg1

[link to www.thelivingmoon.com]

[link to sura.nirfi.sci-nnov.ru]

[link to educate-yourself.org]

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1547242
10/02/2011 10:57 PM
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Re: NWO AGENDA: HAARP fully exposed!!!
It's undeniable that HAARP facilities, or facilities by another name, do exist. I personally don't buy into the theory that it has been causing earthquakes, even though I'm fairly certain it has the capabilities too.

There's way too many theories on HAARP, its hard to distinguish fact and fiction. The only thing I know is that it was originally meant to be a defense weapon to redirect missiles in the upper atmosphere. But considering it can drastically affect the ionisphere, I'm sure they've tested it's capabilities in other areas as well. So there could be a correlation between some earthquakes and HAARP, but I need some solid backed up proof in order to believe it.