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Message Subject Sky Prophecies of October and November and the MASONIC Twin Pillars
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
talk about the black sun teachings and you will be found
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1520365


While I truly distrust you I do see you are posting some esoteric knowledge. Not all of it fits together for me but then I'm in another camp.

Anyway, regardless, I would love to see you put that guy in his place and tell us about The Black Sun, and who's using the Qlippoth for what.

 Quoting: Frater

Like I said, David was devoted to God almighty, Solomon was until he fell for the religions and idols of 1000 wives. That of course ruined the Kingdom, Did him in....all David did was vie for poor Uriah's wife.....the Lord dealt with that issue.

The Truth....FREE [link to www.e-sword.net]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1371470

The truth is you really have know Idea about King Solomon and who he is.
 Quoting: HilosPP

You do not know Truth......if you did....you would not disobey God the Father of all creation....you would not follow what hides under lamp shades until now.

Militarily of the world bother going after targets of value, they do not waste their time on targets that do not bring them closer to their final goal or victory. The same is true for the spiritual, you have spiritual eyes...yet you are blind......you have spiritual ears....yet you do not see. Summer is over have you not noticed, school started all around the world. Plus it is fishing season for us amateur anglers here on the East Coast. Salt Water of course.
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