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Message Subject Sky Prophecies of October and November and the MASONIC Twin Pillars
Poster Handle HilosPP
Post Content
good point hilospp

the actual position of the stars is normally accurate because of the emotional state of the remote viewer

star/planet location was vital to their nature as previous catastrophe was rooted in their movement, so they noticed where the stars actually were in their remotes

as hilspp says, their emotional motive to remote is driven by what they expect to see, thus they relate actual emotional remote view experience to the only thing they know to relate it to

when the stars are thus , humankind emotional experience (son of god)

the star position is right

the reason for the emotional humankind experience they detect may not be what they only know it can be (to them)
 Quoting: aether

Hey Aether. Not sure I followed exactly, can you elaborate?
 Quoting: HilosPP

for thousands of years before 2000 odd years ago all cultures religiously tracked stars and planets prompted by their remembered past experiences
that was joint number one religious/sacred occupation

the other was awaiting the arrival of the god king whom returns all to our previous golden age

they remote for 2 reasons

1) future catastrophe star/planet related

2) god king arrival

when they remotely detect upswing in human emotions of positive nature combined with stars/planets in natural position they "know" it is god king arrival which is the cause of the change in human circumstances

the only cause they know
 Quoting: aether

I see, such a thought leads me to believe that the Stars above are a reflection of the Souls below and what they are doing than?
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