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Message Subject Sky Prophecies of October and November and the MASONIC Twin Pillars
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I know this was for SS, but I wanted to thank you for the artical you posted. I bookmarked it.hf

This up coming current alignment. Do you know what happened in the past?
 Quoting: Blue Skies

You are most welcome! u2efine

One of my favourite astrologers, aside from Tarnas, is Bill Herbst . . .the alignments that Apollo point out are not the ones I especially pay attention to (nothing against what Apollo is doing!) - but Mercury, for example, moves so fast that its impact is felt and almost over before you have noticed it.

I tend to pay attention to the "outer" planets - the ones beyond Saturn: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These move very slowly relative to the earth, and can define events for a whole generation.

What we are going through now has a similar "flavour" to the 1930's - our current structures (economic, political, social, religious) are undergoing profound and radical transformations.

If you are interested, another of my favourites is Bill Herbst. He is no longer writing regular columns due to his health, but he has archived all his articles on his site. Many of them pertain to the next decade . . . where will can expect another profound transformation of our outer world.

You can read an article at:
[link to www.billherbst.com]

And his archive can be found at:
[link to www.billherbst.com]

. . . and last, but not least, these transits may be touching off things in your own natal chart (where the planets were when you were born), so you may be undergoing some of this within your own psyche as well. That is the case with me, where I am experiencing two transits that are having a profound effect . . . These alignments point to events both in the external world and in the internal world. That's why I like to double-check what has gone before . . . it's not an absolute road map, but it can give us a sense what is happening, on both the symbolic and material levels.

Let me know if that's what you were looking for - these cycles go wa-a-a-a-ay back, so you can do a lot of looking and comparing if you want!
 Quoting: miri

Thank you.....bookmarked these two also.
I would love to know how it will affect me. Any good places to go to figure out my natal chart and what it means.hf
 Quoting: Blue Skies

Blue skies, many on my blog will help as will I. this place makes me dizzy and I cant focus all the time, lol

Good start is Horoscope Guide by Kappa Publishing and Lleweln Planetary Guides
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