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Message Subject Sky Prophecies of October and November and the MASONIC Twin Pillars
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Apollo, take a look at this picture. See the two hands? See the 3-fingered hands inside the 5-fingered hands? What is that, do you know? I have experienced this, very lucidly. Do you know what it represents?

 Quoting: SickScent

Hello Friend

It would probaly be the three fingers of


Actually its similiar to how Spock on Star Trek puts his fingers, the thumb is one and the other four are put together.

The Fingers equate to the value of YHVH.

The fingers when positioned correctly equate to the value of YHWH:

the Book of Numbers:

“The Lord bless and keep you.
The Lord let His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you.
The Lord look upon you kindly and give you peace.”

I did a few experiences, where I experienced myself as a physical being prior to incarnating on earth as a human. I became a 3 fingered alien every time I tried it. (This is quite the experience by the way. The ramifications of what it does to you when you experience something other than being human, is profound to say the least)

Anyway, when I experienced myself being 'other', I was the other. In other words, I was looking out through the eyes of the other. Since there was no mirror, I brought up my hands to look at them.

They were the exact same shape as those hands above. Fuck, I can still feel what it felt like having those fingers when I moved them around. The flexibility of them...the thicker flesh...not like our hands at all.
 Quoting: SickScent

Friend, yes ! Did you know Star Trek is based on true mythologies and the Vulcan star?

Also a race of beings probaly did have three fingers.

There is a Jewish background behind Spock, his three fingers were probaly reminiscent of alien Gods


...man, that's freaky. That's it...those fingers. Imagining them being joined, and it is what it was that I experienced to a "T".

Why do you always bring up shit that I have experienced?
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