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Message Subject Want to see just who is behind this "Revolution" Occupy Wall Street Movement?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Where the hell are all these communists coming from?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1385205

Hell they have always been here...buried in like ticks working the system...it's the same Ayers-Dorn crowd...Wade Rathke...who is Chairman of the tides foundation and President SIEU local New Orleans...but waaaaay into their power structure...founder of ACORN...they are all networked together like a massive spider web...once you hit on one?...you can follow strings interconnecting dozens and dozens of them...I'm sure I could find more...
 Quoting: SHR


DO you think there is a difference between Socialism and Communism?

Because for a lot of people, they feel there is a clear difference.

You know that the United States is a Socialist Democracy right? An Economically Liberal, Social Democracy?

Much like the rest of the free world.

I mean, those are the names people use, not me, they are the actual names of your current system.

Corporatists are Liberals, the biggest type of LIberals there are.

I think you guys who have these strong feeling might be better off actually attacking the problems, because you all have been screaming these labels for so long they are really starting to lose meaning, especially to anyone who has a formal education in politics, o even just standard University/College education.

Why not go after the idea, is it too difficult to attack the idea of the Wallstreet protests because it mirrors your own frustrations too closely?

I just do not get the simple branding thing, it really doesn't tell me what you stand for, and I am interested in learning.
 Quoting: Erra

actually the US is a Constitutional Republic you jerkoff so full of yourself you don`t know shit

seriously china boy fly away

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