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Message Subject Santorini (nea kameni volcano) unrest. Water tempature in caldera rising! Magma spot also detected 4km depth.
Poster Handle AWinterShadow
Post Content
in the MIDDLE of the EAST between 16 & 11 to 19 & 11, Hermes brings ANOTHER MESSAGE with ZEUS to ELANA.

For 7 days the REFLECTION of ERATH begins on the Great Mayan Number 1102/02/01 while APOLLO & ZEUS rest before their final 3 days of SHAKINGS and the awakening of ENOSAGEOUS in honor of the Son of Light & Light of God.
 Quoting: MatrixLNIN11

enosageous means probably en os ageous which in Greek neans with in aegean So yes could be Santorini (thira as is the real name) But i think this is not likely and even if errupt there should not a large amount of energy as it errupted the previous century.
 Quoting: Foveras

thanks for clarification. good to have someone from greece here to make sense of things ;)

what we need to take into account is that we get a lot of energy from the sun these days (another huge earth directed eruption tomorrow if chaol is right) and this energy is what increases volcanic activity tremendously. also, i don't take prophecies lightly, especially if they've already proven to be correct about other things. let's keep an eye on it until the oct 30 date has come and gone.
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