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Message Subject Santorini (nea kameni volcano) unrest. Water tempature in caldera rising! Magma spot also detected 4km depth.
Poster Handle Ostria1
Post Content
Thank you everyone about updates. Kalamata situation worries me too. It looks like that plate movement is increasing not going down. What kind of place they are planning there ostria1?

That moving generates lots of energy and it is possible even likely that energy collecting magma in beneath santorini.

My first book what i read many many (im 33) years ago about volcanoes told just that theory. There was example how about santorini,vesuvius and campi flegrei get their energy and magma.
 Quoting: so-gui-li

You're welcome. Part will be industrial zone and I guess there will be touristic development on the coasts.
But there isnt a volcano near there, it is only the plates that crash on each other.
On the volcanos, we have a total of 39 volcanos in Greece, the biggest (and more dangerous) are those of Santorini, Milos, Nisyros and Methana.
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