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Message Subject Santorini (nea kameni volcano) unrest. Water tempature in caldera rising! Magma spot also detected 4km depth.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Last month i visited Santorini, nea kameni, palea kameni, and thirasia, i'd like to share with you some of the pictures i took while vacationing there.

In this picture you can see Nea kameni, is taken from Imerovigli, Santorini.
[link to oi55.tinypic.com]

This picture is taken from Nea kameni volcano, looking at Imerovigli.
[link to oi54.tinypic.com]

In this picture you can see a team of scientists, Nea Kameni is monitored closely by scientists from the Institute for the Study and Monitoring of the Santorini Volcano (ISMOSAV).
[link to oi56.tinypic.com]

In this picture you can see Palia Kameni.
[link to oi54.tinypic.com]

Visitors walk by the edge of the crater, top right your can see some active sulfur vents.
[link to oi52.tinypic.com]

 Quoting: EleKtroN

Santorini Volcano
The Volcano of Santorini Palea (old) Kameni and Nea (new) Kameni (an adjective that means burned in Greek) are two small islands of black lava positioned in the centre of the basin of Santorini and are, geographically, the youngest islets in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Palea Kameni is about 2000 years old while Nea Kameni’s “life” does not exceed 500 years.Caldera, as the volcano is called, is one of the main attractions of Santorini and the setting of many villages.

Tourists can visit the volcano by taking one of the daily cruises advertised in any village. One can walk upon the solid black lava sides of the steaming volcano.Nea Kameni is the central one, and once on its shore, after a walk of 20 minutes in the “lunar” scenery, visitors will discover the volcano’s crater and other openings bursting with sulphur steam.


I have been looking into tsunami patterns in the Med too, trying to see where it will destroy should Santorini go off pop again.
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