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Norway shooter manifesto sabotage operations mentions Texas

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United States
10/03/2011 06:13 PM

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Norway shooter manifesto sabotage operations mentions Texas
With the chemical plant explosion in Waxahatchie, this came to mind:

In a section where he discusses different types of "sabotage operations" that could "cripple Western European multiculturalist regimes," he cites the accidental explosion at the Phillips Petroleum in Pasadena that killed 23 workers at the plant along the Houston Ship Channel in October 1989.

[link to www.khou.com]

It is a long way from Norway to Pasadena Texas for him to single out this event. The Phillips Petroleum plant had something to with plastics and was never considered sabotage. It happened in 1989 - how old was the shooter then?

It has bothered me that this was so specifically pointed out in his manifesto. He could have picked any number of events that have occurred in Texas - but this one was so long ago for him at his age to bring up.

Was he sending messages in his manifesto?