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Former US Intelligence Officer/Publisher of Hollywood Reporter talks about evil spirits

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User ID: 2713863
United States
10/05/2011 02:54 PM
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Former US Intelligence Officer/Publisher of Hollywood Reporter talks about evil spirits
I think I’ve found some pieces of an interesting Illuminati puzzle. It’s nothing huge, no end of the world doom, but I’m fascinated by how connected everyone with any level of power/money is. If these people that none of us have even heard of have so much pull and apparently so much evil around them, I can’t even imagine what it’s like for the big names.

Here’s this new agey guy with big connections to Hollywood and Government. I rarely see someone with his level of connections and past experience say something like this:

“I had to learn to take responsibility for my reality even when I was only 1 year 4 months old. My mother had to pull me out of my crib when I was yelling at two evil eyes forcing energy out of my body one evening. Because she and my grandparents denied my reality experience, even though I offered five times what actually happened to me, I honored that I had to adopt them by my becoming their parent. I related with them only as I felt they would be able to receive. I became autonomous to honor relationship itself.”

You can read more about him here: [link to www.souldg.com] and here [link to artofgod.org]

It turns out this guy’s sister is married to the author of the Kranz Report which was the equivalent of the Warren Commission for the RKF assassination. After writing his report (which of course concluded there was no bigger plot), he went on to receive countless presidential appointments over the next several decades. Now Kranz’s son is an actor in Hollywood...by no means a big name but working steadily.
curiousgoods (OP)

User ID: 2713863
United States
10/05/2011 03:12 PM
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Re: Former US Intelligence Officer/Publisher of Hollywood Reporter talks about evil spirits
The Kranz Report is one of my pet conspiracies, but it gets no talk since it was so long ago and isn't that big in comparison to so many other things.

I found this old article
[link to community.seattletimes.nwsource.com]

that quotes Kranz after he appointed himself for an important FEMA job. I think it's telling that the article describes him as, "a prominent California Republican contributor," but fails to mention the fact that he wrote the report that put the RFK assassination investigation to rest.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 33112182
United States
02/07/2013 10:36 PM
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Re: Former US Intelligence Officer/Publisher of Hollywood Reporter talks about evil spirits
I am seeking some to discuss my research with. I have contacted the FBI, Ranger, Secret Service and a dozens of papers on to be ignored. I threats are getting out of hand. I warn you open mind its the truth if you see the in the in-between.

Topic: Bloodline of Jesus Christ
Relation to: The computer Companies and the the math hidden in code.
Players: Google, Apple, Microsoft, Mozilla, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.
The Numbers: 11-11-11, 02-020-75(Imbolc)888,666 and 333

My story began on 11-11-11 when I began having psychic dreams.

I will break this down a simple as possible.

Are you seeing strange number combinations?

Google Powered by:

Chrome: me or hC= The Holy SEE,(C),iCi, CC

13, the power of 3 by 3 x 3 x 3

G, M, Whi is the Mystery Babylon MB? 333, Demon Chronozon, 333 Angelic Numbers: Jesus Connection and group of ascended master that walked the earth over 2000 years ago. 3D, Level, Love, Evol,Evil, Evo, livid, live, evil....333 Devil DQ, Devil Q, LCQ, Loki, Lucifer, House of El, C4 breath no more. 3G, 3Gi.

Apple: Safari: S a far i (y) S=Superman, Savior, Satan??? iQ, 3Gi, iPhone 6, firmware 6, 666

Mozilla Firefox:(I Love Fire) all i z oM, all i's on the Mo, the Mo King, QBking

Windows 8: Internet Explorer IE, 888 Catholic: C a T hoi C, the Holy SEE Cat is Holy See, Egypt 88 Ra The Sun God, 333 times the mass of the Earth. 8 7,8 9- 0 u 8 1 2: cannibalism
Ancient reptile race. Alien visitors 7 people ate 9 of them.

Black out at the super bowl: number on the board:

28 6 3 13 22= To Ra and 6 3 22 Feb 2, Embolc Birthday of Jesus Christ Devil/Jesus/God

Religious Marking and tattoos on my body:

The House of Payne Family Crest: Lion and Unicorn
The House of Payne in which God dwells.
Kinky on my 2 feet: KIN 2 KEY
SAP initials on my back: I have SAP on my back from the cross I was hung from.
Wrath on my knee: I have wrath on my knee but my wrath has hearth, look an see.
Buddha on my back: God turned his back on Buddhism.
Shiva's on my calf with no legs: God cut off Shiva's feet so she may never put her feet down unless I do first.
Compass on my Chest: OS2 Operations Specialist US Navy.
Jesus will have Compass about him when he comes, True North no lie, a moral Compass!
USN with 7 link one for each year I served: Jesus will unite the World as one Nation under 7 Seas.
Sparrows on my shoulders: I am a vary rare bird indeed that is why God put wings on me.

Jesus S. Aaron Uni Peg Unix Eisus Christ Payne
Eisus Uni Peg: The Unicorn Pegasus
Unix: The original OS operating system.
OS2 first computer Commodore: C om mo do re: C Mo oM do RE C? Re NEW USER
S= Super Man House of El Evil or Good???

The Borne Supremacy 123

The Borne Legacy: Aaron Cross: Me; Kin 2 Key; Mo King, JC Holy Man Payne

I have tried to share this and find help in the religious community but only get accusations of being a false prophet

The thing they are missing is Im not religious. Im having psychical dreams. and spoke to by something Ancient.

Just to add

Jay Z= Calabos: Devil/demon: Killer of of 2 Pac and Notorious Big (Believe In God)

Beyonce: Medusa, a women Obsessed with being on top, Responsible for the slaughter of Jennifer Hundson's family for making her look bad in Dream Girls.

Jennifer Lopez: J Lo, the lowest women on the planet. Having Selena killed because she was going to corner the market on the Latin craze.

Whitney Houston; I sent a the FBI saying: A star will soon die at the edge of the universe please have agent Kevin send my body guard I am sacred for my life. 2 weeks later Whitney of the Body Guard with Kevin found dead; Will Smith responsible. Rival drug dealers. Whitney Banks and Handcock Bank, laundering money.

Well that's my story, thanks