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Message Subject Why do you want eternal life ?.
Poster Handle olaf
Post Content
and you know what the most serious thing is ?

like ehm being here and eh seeing things happen to people who do not like that to happen to them and

oooh when you die you will get it better perhaps and they just laugh at it while doing so and they will be left alone and get anything they like.

it is not something small or something.

i mean they are serious about it and when you have an unserious globe with presents instead of drama of unimaginable blahblah and it's ok to act serious?

blahblah ? with pretty much weird stuff going on.

and like eh it does get strange when you do not like someone and start doing your nasty stuff to where they can't get.

but eh yes eternal life is fun even when you get kicked around sometimes and end up somwhere even funnier.
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