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Message Subject In Recognition of the Quiet Death of American Democracy
Poster Handle Least Servant
Post Content
there is no right and left and democracy is not a desired condition. we were created a REPUBLIC. Democracy leads to fascism, always.
 Quoting: Nobody in Particular

Well, I'm trying not to get caught up on that academic distinction right now.

I am using the term "democracy" to refer to representative government in general because I think it is more poetic than to say "THE American Republic" or "American Republicanism" because the later is ambiguous. cool2

I assume you agree with my conclusion, that we are largely boned because we can't figure out that career politicians are bad leaders.
 Quoting: Least Servant

Steven Hawkings would make a very poor president and the Nobel prize winning Secretary of Energy we have right now is a total failure...So you cannot use brain power as a measure...

In fact there is no measure...so don't act so pius...you vote for whom you think is going to be able to handle what cannot be known...then you hope when the time comes to make those calls which hold life in the balance that they make the right ones. The fact is no one is going to know until that time comes...you can measure all you want...but you're looking for something which cannot be measured in a president...until after it shows itself...
 Quoting: SHR

Well, I do understand that at a certain time more Marines were heads of Fortune 500 companies than college graduates.

The criterion which would be used in these circumstances would be up to the caucus of the party, but the goal would be to select the most qualified LEADER.

I made sure to be clear in that point, that it wasn't the smartest or the most this or that, but the best leader we are looking for to fill the position.

I would call Vladimir Putin a very qualified leader. Did he have a lot of political experience before stepping into a role as political leader of Russia? I don't think so. Why did the Russians pick, or allow, such a figure? Well, I think it was because they were in a shit pickle and they knew their survival depended upon having their version of Chuck Norris do his thing without the burdens of leery second guessers.

When is that same survival instinct going to kick in for Americans where we say I don't care about the political qualifications of a person, or frankly their personal life, I want the person in the Oval Office who is going to represent my interests as a leader of Americans.

I am stunned we are even at this point in America such a short time after its founding discussing such a basic point of order about this whole process of government.
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